XinHua for You, LLC. is an innovative, research-driven pioneer in 4th generation nutritional supplements.

Our story begins with He Shu Jin, a man who came from humble beginnings in the a small farming community in central China. Mr. He left the village to pursue a better life for his family by focusing on business.

Through his various successful business endeavors in China, he stumbled upon a small company that was conducting revolutionary research into directional culturing of mushrooms. He immediately recognized how this discovery could change the face of nutrition in his country and around the world.

He acquired the rights to the technology and invested millions in research and development to take the science from the laboratory to the marketplace. He perfected the process and filed multiple patents in China and the United States in order to protect this innovation. Once the process was ready to go into production, he sought to build a facility in the United States to produce this new material.

"The United States is the best country to produce this material. It has a great agricultural base which is critical for the nutrient substrate. It has the protection we need in order to operate. Most importantly, it has great people. I know we have chosen the best place to produce the highest quality product." -Founder/Chairman Mr. He

Mr. He partnered with the Goss family in Conway, Arkansas to form XinHua International Biological, LLC, and operates under the name XinHua for You, LLC. Working together, they invested millions to build a first-of-its-kind state-of-the-art facility in Conway, Arkansas. In June 2016, the facility was brought fully online and has been ramping up production ever since.

XinHua utilizes referral marketing to spread the word about this innovation, the brand, and the products. XinHua employs an evolutionary plan to reward its Brand Partners. With a Brand Partner network that spans over 40 countries, including the world's 2 largest consumer markets, XinHua is poised for tremendous growth.