“What good is all the money in world if you or your family don’t have your health?”

Qi™ (pronounced “kee”) is an evolutionary breakthrough in the world of nutritional supplements. It is the result of over 34 years and millions of dollars of scientific research, development, and clinical application.

Qi™ is a line of wholefood supplements derived from proprietary extracts of the Hericium Erinaceus mushroom, commonly known as Lion’s Mane.

Qi™ represents a quantum leap forward in nutrition. It replaces the need of mix-and match multiple products through Bio-Transformational Technology.

This process infuses a myriad of powerful bio-active ingredients into a singular whole-food source by controlling its growing medium. The science behind the process is unparalleled, and the results are spectacular.

All Qi™ products deliver at least 38 organic health-promoting bio-active factors and co-factors that are blended and balanced naturally.

Qi™ works synergistically at the cellular level to support your entire body. Each product is fortified with proven chinese herbs to focus on specific challenges with measurable impact.

Qi™ delivers a wide array of fully bio-available vitamins, systemic enzymes, essential glycomes, specialized proteins, fatty acids - plus a newly identified Biological Response Modifier (BRM) which intelligently supports your body’s major systems and functions.

Qi™ employs no synthetic ingredients. The organic components are naturally concentrated from a single-source whole-food that is produced intentionally to be readily bio-available to your body.

Qi™ originates from the Zaipei strain of Lion’s Mane discovered in 1983 in the mountains of Central China. It has superior bio-activity to other varieties of Lion’s Mane native to North America, Europe and Asia – a fact that motivated He Shu Jin, the Champion of Qi™ and founder of a large pharmaceutical manufacturing company.

He Shu Jin has dedicated over 34 years into the development of Qi™.  Supported by decades of laboratory science, university research, and clinical application, in 2014 he built a multimillion-dollar US facility specifically designed and dedicated to produce and manufacture the raw material that is now Qi™.  It is remarkable!

History of Using Lion's Mane and Medicinal Mushrooms

Culinary and medicinal use of mushrooms in Chinese culture dates back over 2,500 years. Lion’s Mane is the most popular medicinal mushroom due to its complete nutritional makeup and bio-activity. Its unique physiological properties made it a perfect host for bi-directional transformation, meaning it is significantly influenced by its growing medium to deliver targeted results.

Qi™ uses a rare strain of the Hericium Erinaceus mushroom was discovered in 1983 in a primeval forest in the mountains of Central China. They are now carefully cultivated and meticulously harvested with a proprietary patent-pending process in a state-of-the-art facility in the United States.

DNA sequencing in the early 1990s discovered that fungi are not actually part of the plant kingdom. Mushrooms are now regarded as their own kingdom with each class and family boasting unique physiological properties. Bio-Transformation Technology™ defines the remarkable characteristic for this mushroom to assimilate organic bio-activity and benefits from its growing medium.

Now, the Lion’s Mane in Qi™ is cultivated and harvested in a highly controlled environment – Qi™ represents the world’s best science in directional culturing and medicinal bi-directional transformation.

The Qi™ Distinction

The majority of Lion's Mane is harvested in the wild, and a few commercial facilities actually grow medicinal mushrooms. However, other products simply do not compare. Qi™ is the only Lion's Mane product that use Bio-Transformational Technology in the marketplace - it is truly peerless. Choosing Qi™ is similar to choosing a Ferrari over a Chevy... only without the price differential!

The “Magic” of Qi™

Qi™ is rich in organic polysaccharides and valuable metabolites, as well as proteins, fiber, naturally-occurring amino acids, vitamins, and digestive enzymes. This matrix supports your body’s primary systems at the cellular level.

Recently, scientists discovered a unique polysaccharide in Lion’s Mane, that is now labeled BRM (biological response modifier), which most closely translated from Eastern culture, purports “magical” functions due to its synergistic capabilities.

Hericium Erinaceus is the richest source of BRM. In Chinese medicine, the 21st century is recognized as the “century of mushroom polysaccharide.” The future is bright for those who are enlightened with Qi™!

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